EcoTao bamboo and cotton Reusable Face Wipes
Reusable Face Wipes Refills (7 Wipes)
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Reusable Face Wipes Refills (7 Wipes)

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Editors’ Notes

EcoTao's reusable face wipes made of bamboo and organic cotton is the perfect complement to your facial cleansing routine, especially with cleansing oils to help remove all traces of makeup, dirt and oil.

Key Benefits:

  • The facial wipes come inside a bamboo fiber case that is 100% biodegradable. 
  • These washcloths gently exfoliate your skin for a smoother, softer complexion.
  • Effectively removes makeup, sunscreen and excess oil.

Care: Wash after each use with soap and water, and hang dry. Can be machine washable and machine dried. 

Size of wipes: 4x4" (10x10 cm)

Made in Quebec, Canada.

How to Use

For optimal results in removing makeup, use in conjunction with a cleansing oil and facial cleanser. 

Dampen the cloth with warm water and using the deep cleaning side, wipe away any cleanser, makeup, dirt, dead skin, and oil from face. 

Rinse cloth and follow up with the soft side for a final cleanse to ensure everything is removed from face. 


Organic cotton and bamboo. 

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This product is cruelty-free and is not tested on animals.

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This product and all of its ingredients are 100% vegan and contains no animal product.

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About EcoTao

EcoTao's was founded with the belief that daily gestures transform into eco-responsible actions, beneficial to one's health and the environment. In pursuit of the zero waste movement, EcoTao's reusable and biodegradable dual-sided face wipes were born. 

Each wipe is made with an organic blend of cotton and bamboo fibers and are made entirely in Montreal, Canada by Petites Mains (The Small Hands), an association dedicated to helping immigrant women insert into society and community by teaching them a craft. 

✔ Chemical free
✔ Great for sensitive skin
✔ Organic and ecological
✔ Ethically and solidarily made by Petites-Mains
✔ Locally made in Montreal, Canada


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