The Ultimate Routine For Oily Skin

Say goodbye to breakouts and hello to beautifully clear skin. Our trio purifying set focuses on clearing and smoothing the skin. This set is everything you need to cleanse, treat and nourish acne-prone skin.

Step 1: Cleanse With Monastery Sage Cleansing Oil
This herbally intoxicating and invigorating cleansing oil removes the grit and grime of the day while allowing you a spa worthy-moment at home.  A luxurious oil blend that includes sage, hinoki cypress, and greek coriander balances overactive sebum production, without stripping the skin of its natural protective oils.  The antibacterial properties of the ingredients provide gentle healing to the skin while still keeping the pH intact.

Step 2: Treat With LESSE Bioactive Masque
A calming, detoxifying, nutrient-rich masque suitable for the most sensitive skin. Elevated by bio-actives to transform skin on a cellular level. Immediately reduce inflammation, redness and blemished with soothing aloe vera and tea tree. After, skin is left refreshed, hydrated and smooth. With ongoing use, naturally fade hyperpigmentation and strengthen sensitive skin.

Step 3: Nourish With LESSE Ritual Serum
An omega-rich oil to replenish the lipid barrier and restore radiance. Reactive and irritated skin is calmed and restored with calendula, rosehip and more. Antioxidant-rich algae and anti-inflammatory turmeric promote wound healing. A lightweight, buildable formula to clear, correct and nurture even the most sensitive skin. An effective natural remedy for eczema, rosacea, acne and other skin conditions.

Step 4: Stay Nourished!
It's important to nourish your soul, your mind and your body, as well as your skin. Drop us a comment below and let us know your favourite way to stay nourished.

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