Q&A With An Esthetician: Top Tips For Anti-aging

There’s an abundance of advice online about skincare, beauty and wellness - but with so much information it's hard to know what to believe.  

Our team had the pleasure of sitting down with B-je Tan, a Vancouver based Esthetician who taught us how we can best take care of our skin and prevent pre-mature aging. Check out her tip tips below. 

B-je Tan: Having a good skincare routine is one thing, but it won’t be effective if you don’t set a solid foundation. There are many factors outside of skin care products that contribute to the health of your skin and in turn, can prolong the effects of aging. These are my top tips that anyone can incorporate into their daily routine, and best of all - they won't break the bank. 

Tip #1: SPF is your BFF.

sunscreen for anti-aging


B-je Tan: I always tell my clients that sunscreen is the key to anti-aging. SPF saves your skin from skin cancers, brown spots, wrinkles, and more. Remember, there are UV rays even on cloudy days so it’s important to wear your SPF every single day.

Tip #2: Hydration is key.

drink water

B-je Tan: Eight glasses a day, keeps the wrinkles away. Water minimizes dehydration and is the foundation for good skin. 

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Tip #3: Don't underestimate the importance of sleep.

Sleep well

B-je Tan: Sleep and proper rest will help our body to repair itself through cellular renewal. It is recommended that adults get more than 6 hours of shut eye a night. Life happens, and you won’t always get the perfect night’s sleep but try and regulate your sleeping patterns as much as possible.

Tip #4: Renew your cells through exercise.


B-je Tan: Get those steps in! Regular exercise improves circulation and speeds up the renewal of cells. The body detoxifies through sweat. You don’t have to run a marathon or go to a class. Find an exercise or activity you love to do and stick to it. Aim for three times a week at a minimum of 30 minutes each session.

Tip #5: Eat your way to glowing skin.

healthy diet for healthy skin

B-je Tan: Diet plays a huge factor in healthy skin. Be sure to take your vitamins and steer clear of both sugar and saturated fats. Eating veggies and fruits that are high in colour are good for neutralizing free radicals. Many have found dairy to be problematic for their skin as well and cause breakouts so if you are struggling with acne, it might be a good idea to keep a food journal.  Be cautious and check for allergies. Everyone is different so what may work for one person may cause a reaction in another.

Tip #6: Find a routine that works for you.

skincare routine

B-je Tan: Last but not least, a daily skincare routine with the correct products for your skin type and concerns will keep your skin healthy. 

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