Multi-functional Skincare to Simplify your Routine

If someone were to ask you to describe your skincare routine in one word, “simple” probably won’t be the first to come to mind. What if we told you that you can achieve glowing and healthy skin without doing a 12-step routine?

This is where multi-functional skincare comes in.

Just as the name suggests, multi-functional skincare refers to a skincare product that holds the benefits of a variety of products. Instead of applying different layers of skincare, you can just use one product with multiple functions! Take a SPF infused moisturizer or exfoliating cleanser as an example. With this, you’re simplifying your routine but you’re also spending less time and money taking care of your skin! Most importantly, it’s better for the environment.


The whole idea behind products that target several skin concerns at once is to simplify your routine, so you don't need too many steps to understand how to use them. You should, however, pay close attention to the products you are using alongside them and carefully read the instructions. While multi-functional products are meant to be easy to use, combining them with highly potent products might overload your skin.


Monastery: Flora Botanical Cream Serum

Monastery Flora

This hybrid serum/moisturizer is lighter than your average cream, but creamier than your average serum. It can either make your skincare routine quicker than ever, or add a gorgeous layer to a more involved self-care ritual. This multi-tasking product hydrates, prevents visible signs of aging, soothes, firms, and brightens thanks to skin-nourishing ingredients like ximenynic acid, ellagic acid, hyaluronic acid, fruit and floral oils, and phytosterols. $190

Monastery: Gold Botanical Oil Serum

Monastery Gold

Like a multivitamin for your skin, Gold is a multifunctional oil that combines an innovative blend of oils to calm and soothe even the most irritated complexions. Sandalwood nut oil, red raspberry oil, and rosehip oil (to name a few) work to repair skin damage whether it’s sun exposure, irritation, dryness, redness, or puffiness. $225

INNA ORGANIC: Revitalizing Face and Eye Cream

Inna Organic Face and Eye Cream

A 2-in-1 face and eye cream that targets fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone with a revitalizing blend of eco-sourced Frankincense Oil and powerful botanical extracts. $148

LESSE: Refining Face Cleanser 

LESSE Face Cleanser

Introducing a new way to exfoliate. This dual cleanser and exfoliator purifies, hydrates and balances skin—while carefully decongesting and eliminating impurities with ultra-fine apricot granules. An unprecedented, multi-correctional solution for acne-prone and sensitive skin. $75

LESSE: Ritual Face Oil 

LESSE Ritual Face Serum

This best selling, lightweight serum brings together elevated antioxidants and deeply purifying botanicals to clear, correct, and nurture skin. Providing essential and immediate hydration while transforming skin on a cellular level longterm—to recalibrate, rebalance, and renew. Use any residual serum on hands to hydrate dry elbows or other areas, or to comb through ends of hair. For a thinner, more natural application of makeup blend foundation or concealer with a drop of Ritual Face Serum for greater absorbency and a more lightweight feel. $95

Ingredients Wellness: Shea Butter Stick 

Ingredients Wellness Shea Butter Stick

This organic raw Shea Butter and Beeswax formula soothes, repairs and deeply nourishes the skin. The Shea Butter is extracted manually to retain its fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins A, E and F. The mild, non-comedogenic formula is fast absorbing and conveniently packaged for hands free on-the-go use. Use on face or body to help relieve dry, irritated and itchy skin, chapped lips, sunburn, wrinkles, stretch marks and more. $30

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