My Morning Routine: Athena Hewitt Founder of Monastery

 "Today I will be present."


Athena Hewitt is the Founder Monastery — a botanical skincare line made from the world's finest plant oils and absolutes.  Athena grew up in the Greek Cyclades where her Grandmother would teach her about the healing benefits of plants and herbs.  

After studying to become a herbalist, massage therapist and esthetician, Athena opened her skincare studio in San Francisco in 2011. At the Monastery Spa, Athena treats her clients to various methods of oil cleansing, water-free moisturizing and skin care that is free of toxins and harmful ingredients.

An advocate for a morning routine, Athena has stuck to hers for many years.  "Making sure that I wake up rested, hydrated, healthy, and happy and making sure that I have healthy yummy food for the day is the only way that I can run a business."  Wondering how this talented beauty boss starts her mornings, read on below. 

6.00am: My son crawls into bed with me every morning. Our latest routine is to look at videos on the iPhone for a few minutes. We're either looking at old baby videos of him, great white sharks or animated T-Rex videos.

6.30am: Out of bed and right away its coffee for Mom and Dad, breakfast for my eldest son and then making breakfast for myself. My husband is a smoothie kind of guy, but I find that smoothies don't keep me full for long enough. I tend to eat some version of veggies and eggs.

7:00am: Wake the baby up. Then feed the baby!

7:30am: Get the boys dressed and make lunches for everyone.

8:00am: My husband takes the boys and drops our eldest at school. I run from our house to the office.

8:30am: Jump in the shower at Monastery HQ.

9:00am: Work officially starts for the day.

Q. How do you nourish your mind, body and soul in the morning?

My run from our home to the office is really a time that I get to unplug.  I can't work or look at my phone and I just get to enjoy the beauty that is San Francisco.
Q. Talk us through your morning skincare routine.
I apply Monastery Gold Botanical Serum directly to my dry face and then layer on spa before my run. After my run I apply  Monastery Rose Cleansing Oil with my face away from the show water. I remove it with a soft wash cloth and reapply  Monastery Gold, Attar, or FloraSometimes if I'm feeling more on the dry side I will layer them. 

Q. What is your must-have skincare product?

 It's my Monastery Rose Cleansing Oil - without question. This product cured my skin of acne and I have found that I can't live acne free without it.  An honourable mention would have to go to my Monastery Gold Botanical Serum as well.  It's so healing, moisturizing, and nourishing.  It's my definite go to during the day.

Q. What is the one thing you must do every morning that sets you up for the day ahead?

We always play a record in the morning from our record collection. I think it's important to start the day with music.  It's energizing and healing! The act of putting a record on is also very special. I like using things that are old with the boys. 

 Q. What is your morning affirmation?

"Today I will be present."


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