Let’s talk about LESSE: the 4 products you need to detox your skin!

Let’s talk about LESSE: the 4 products you need to detox your skin!



LESSE is more – with an extra “e”.

You may have your own definition of “e” for this minimalist brand.

To us, it’s “e”xtraordinary.

It’s extraordinary for a skincare brand to advocate ritual over routine. It’s ultra-ordinary to commit to a no-nonsense collection of 4 skincare items.

LESSE took the time to craft their products. They only focus on the best and the most essential. They home-grow many of their ingredients, which are 100 % non-GMO botanicals. The result is a ultimate detox set of 4 powerful items.


Refining Cleanser – a scrub without any bad reps! 

It’s almost impossible to find a detoxifying cleansing scrub that is gentle enough to use daily. But here you go: LESSE's Refining Face Cleanser. The highly antioxidant and bioactive properties of Flame Tree (Brachychiton Acerifolius) enables Refining Cleanser to transform and fortify skin on a cellular level, while stimulating collagen and reducing the adverse effects of sun exposure. It has an instant brightening and lifting effect after only ONE use.

Their Refining Face Cleanser also contains cell-regenerating Rosehip. Unlike other cleansing scrubs in the market, it leaves your skin soft and hydrated after each wash. With Jojoha that reduces eczema and rosacea, Refining Cleanser a life saver for sensitive skin.

Regeneration Mist – a game-changing pink potion!

LESSE's Regeneration Face Mist contains a very valuable ingredient in terms of price and efficacy – Tremella Fuciformis. The antioxidant-rich, gelatinous mushroom is nature’s answer to hyaluronic acid. It provides lasting hydration by binding moisture to the skin. Spray lavishly over your face after cleansing your face. We meant ALL over your face and neck. You deserve it!

LESSE Ritual Serum

Ritual Serum – a new faith in oil!

LESSE's Ritual Serum has overturned the slightest skepticism about oil for skincare. With turmeric, jojoba and a high concentration of vitamin C among other nourishing components, this oil-based serum gets absorbed by the skin remarkably quickly.

When your face is still moist with the Regeneration Mist, take 3 drops of the Ritual Serum. Massage your entire face and neck until the serum is completely absorbed into your skin. That’s all it takes for your daily ritual.


Bioactive Face Masque – a detox no-brainer!

You are probably using charcoal as a detox aid. You almost definitely dislike the sand-paper feeling it leaves on your skin. Bioactive Face Masque happily embraces the goodness of charcoal and skilfully helps your skin balance its natural oil production. Calendula officinalis flower extract, rosemary and sunflower seed oil make Bioactive Face Masque an extraordinary detox mask – nope, it doesn’t dry up your skin.

You don’t need 40 products, not even 5, to detox after the festive days. When your products are at their best quality, you only need LESSE. 

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