How To Get Rid Of Dark Under Eye Circles and Bags

Do you ever wake up in the morning looking like you didn't get a wink of sleep? We feel you! Puffy under eye bags and dark under eye circles are two concerns that most people will experience at numerous stages throughout their life. While there is no magic under eye eraser, we do have some tips & tricks that go beyond cucumbers, spoons and tea bags! 

What causes dark under eye circles?

Unfortunately it can be a little tricky to pin point the exact cause of dark under eye circles as they can be caused by a number of factors such as aging, allergies, genetics, lack of iron, smoking, and alcohol. However, the most common cause of dark circles in lack of sleep! 

What causes under eye bags?

The cause of under eye bags are a little easier to figure out as they are mainly caused by poor sleep and diet. Allergies and some medications can also cause your eyes to look puffy.

How to prevent under eye circles and bags?

First things first, track your daily habits to determine what that cause of your concern is. Once you have adjusted your daily routine to try and fix the problem, its great to accompany these changes with products that specifically target your concern. If you fail to see any improvements, then it may be time to consult your doctor.  

Our Top Picks For Treating Your Under Eyes
Inna Organic Eye Mask $7
Inna Organic Eye Mask

An organic cotton eye mask infused with Frankincense Essential Oil and botanical extracts to target dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. The eye area is smoother, brighter and visibly refreshed after just one use. This thick, deluxe cotton material soaks up the potent botanical serum to ensure not a single drop is wasted. Once applied, the mask conforms to the eye area allowing the essential oils and extracts to quickly penetrate into your skin for nourishing and revitalizing results in less than 10 minutes.

Inna Organic Face and Eye Cream $148

Inna Organic Face & Eye Mask

A certified organic 2-in-1 face and eye cream that targets fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone with a revitalizing blend of eco-sourced Frankincense Oil and powerful botanical extracts. The rich and moisturizing formula absorbs quickly to soften visible signs of aging and help maintain skin elasticity.

Consonant Reusable Eye Masks $20

Consonant Reusable Eye Masks

Create your own custom eye mask using your favourite eye cream or serum. These medical-grade silicone masks were designed to be paired with your favourite serum or eye cream to hold the product close to the skin and prevent evaporation, turning it into an eye mask!

Consonant Eye Duo Set $70

Consonant Eye Duo

Treat the delicate skin around your eyes with the 100% Natural Consonant Eye Duo. Includes full size Firming and Moisturizing Eye Creams (2x15mL). Retail value $78.

Firming Eye Cream

A lightweight, brightening eye cream that reflects light to help make the eye area appear brighter while decreasing puffiness.

Moisturizing Eye Cream  

A nourishing and hydrating eye cream that replenishes moisture to plump and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye area.

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