Clean Beauty 101 - Why clean beauty matters


What does the Clean Beauty movement mean and why should you care?

The Clean Beauty movement is a big change in the wellness industry, where all living beings and the environment are considered. We are talking toxin-free, cruelty-free and sustainable products from ethical, passionate brands that work with carefully selected ingredients and packaging.

If you are not familiar with it yet, here is a preview of why you should make the switch to clean beauty:

1.  Clean Beauty is toxin-free

We believe that beauty shouldn't harm our health. 

When Gigi Hadid shot her latest Vogue Beauty Secrets video right after pregnancy, she said she really enjoyed switching to clean and natural makeup products while she was pregnant. Clean Beauty is indeed considered safe for use during pregnancy, but why not use it every other day? It's good to remember that self-care also means being aware of what ingredients you are feeding your skin and hair throughout the year and throughout your life, and remembering that they actually affect your health, just like food does. 

Most of us are not aware that toxins are unfortunately all around us, in our beauty ritual and in our daily routine. We are talking about all the strange names that make you cringe when you read them: parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances, lead, plastic microbeads, ethanolamines (MEA, DEA, TEA), phenoxyethanol over 1% of total formulation, oxybenzone, BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole), BHT (Butylated Hydroxytolune), toluene, hydroquinone, and selenium sulfide. 

That's why we are here! Our team has carefully vetted all of the brands that we carry so you do not have to spend time reading labels.

2. Clean Beauty is Cruelty-free

We believe that beauty shouldn't harm our integrity. 

Did you know that in some parts of the world brands test their products on animals?

Originally, animal testing was done by cosmetic manufacturers to ensure the "safety" of an ingredient. A practice that's not only very painful, but also not effective enough according to science, as there are already safe and effective alternatives. Many countries are still turning a blind eye to this, which makes it even more difficult to know who to trust and who to buy cosmetics from.

Clean Beauty is ethical, which means you'll find transparent labels from brands that care about how our animal friends and humans are treated. Raising awareness and buying products that fit your values and lifestyle is the best way to say goodbye to abhorrent and outdated testing methods for cosmetics.

3. Clean Beauty is eco-friendly

We believe that beauty shouldn't harm our environment. 

It's not always about us. Clean is a choice and awareness of non-toxic beauty for our planet. When you buy clean cosmetics, you buy responsible, environmentally friendly and sustainable products. You are participating in what we call conscious consumption, because we believe that many small personal choices in our own daily lives can lead to effective global change.  

Clean brings important environmental and social values, a new idea of skincare and beauty products that are of better quality and better for you and the environment, and that allows you to align with your consciousness when you buy them. We should definitely all be part of this journey.


Team Favourites

We understand it could be overwhelming to start a new skincare rituals. 
We are here to help - below are some of our team's favourites:
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