Achieve the Clean Look with Makeup & Skincare for Spring


clean make-up look

The “clean look” has been an increasingly trendy makeup look to achieve in the last couple years and can easily be achieved with a combination of makeup products with a heavy focus on skin loving ingredients for a naturally clean look.

The clean look encompasses a minimal take on applying products while focusing on achieving healthy, glowing skin with both your skin and makeup products.

In today's post, I’m sharing my top products and tips for achieving the clean look at home.


The first step in achieving the clean makeup look, is to start with a clean and properly prepped base. Establishing an effective and protective skincare routine will allow you to take a less is more approach with your makeup products.

After your cleanse, apply a water loving serum to promote smooth and plump skin, such as the Monastery Aloe Hyaluronic Moisture Boost, followed by a moisture locking moisturizer such as the CLE Cosmetics Multi Cream.


Every skincare routine should finish with sunscreen. The Consonant Perfect Sunscreen is the perfect base prior to applying makeup. This 100% mineral based sunscreen has a slight tint to reduce the white cast appearance some natural sunscreens can cause, making it a suitable sunscreen to wear with or without makeup. 


Your skin will be glowing alone from the skin prep, and we want to maintain that while evening out skin tone and touching up imperfections in the skin. Use a concealer to spot check over blemishes and brighten under the eyes. If your skin leans more acneic or red, you may feel more comfortable with an all over coverage. In this case apply a lightweight foundation such as the Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation and spot checking with the Arnica Concealer.


To bring a touch of healthy colour to your complexion, apply a cream blush such as the 14E Lip & Cheek Tint in Sunset or the Ere Perez carrot blush in Healthy. Apply with your fingers, damp sponge or a brush to the high points of your cheeks. For a more sun touched look, apply a bit of the blush across the bridge of your nose, temples and forehead.


Enhance your skin's glow with a cream highlighter. The Ere Perez Vanilla Highlighter is the perfect touch of radiance to apply to the high points of your face including your cheekbones, above the eyebrow, bridge of the nose, and a touch on your Cupid’s bow. Sweep the same highlighter across your eyelids for a subtle sheen and colour to complete the look.

Watch the complete look here.

By Gabrielle Dubois (@thegreenbelle)

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