5 Reasons Why You NEED Vitamin C In Your Skincare Regime

How Does Vitamin C Revitalize Our Skin & Why We Should Be Using It Everyday!

From a young age, we have all been taught about the vital role that Vitamin C plays in keeping our bodies healthy. It maintains healthy bones and blood vessels, it's an antioxidant that helps protect our cells against the effects of free radicals and it keeps us feeling energized. So while drinking that immune-boosting Vitamin C drink when feeling run down is great for our bodies, let's not forget why Vitamin C should be a daily staple in our skincare regime. 

1. It Brightens Complexions & Evens Out Skin-tone

Vitamin C serums are highly acidic which results in the removal of dead cells from the skins surface which leaves it looking brighter and smootherVitamin C also helps mend the damaged capillaries that cause redness and discolouration by strengthen them for the future (this includes dark under eye circles!). 

2.  It Smooths Wrinkles & Fine Lines

It increases cell regeneration which triggers the production of production of collagen and elastin - leaving skin looking more plump while reducing the signs of wrinkles and fine-lines

3. It Hydrates The Skin 

We all know how important it is to keep your skin hydrated, Vitamin C contains a property known as Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate which helps your skin retain water, preventing it from becoming too dry or oily.

4. It Protects Against UV Rays & Sun Damage 

Various studies have shown that using a Vitamin C serum every day can undo Sun Damage. Sun Damage is caused by free radicals - these are atoms that are missing an electron. As Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants, which protect healthy skin cells by providing these free radicals with their missing electrons. 

5. Suitable For All Skin Types 

Vitamin C has been proven to be suitable for people with all skin types, including those with super sensitive skin.  It is also safe to use in conjunction with other skin care products and ingredients such as acids, retinoids and SPFs. 


Schaf Vitamin C Serum

Schaf Revitalizing Serum is an all-in-one powerhouse Vitamin C Serum with Niacinamide that brightens skin tone and provides skin with lasting hydration. It leaves skin feeling lifted, radiant and smooth. Skin's texture is refined, hydrated, toned, and left with a youthful glow. 

Includes potent amounts of Vitamin CNiacinamideHyaluronic Acid, and three different Peptides - including one made from peas.

While retinoid (retinol) can smooth wrinkles and encourage rapid cell turnover to make skin look younger, it can also cause redness, stinging, peeling, and itching. Retinol is also sensitive to the sun, which means it's not great to apply during daylight hours. Our serum delivers similar results, but without these aggravating side effects.

  • Effective and stable Vit C (15%) - skin looks brighter 
  • Excellent anti-oxidation properties
  • Enhances barrier function preventing skin from losing water content
  • Hyaluronic Acid (10%) secures moisture and stimulates a more youthful skin by improving its moisture content
  • Niacinamide (8%) renews and restores the surface of skin against moisture loss and dehydration by encouraging its natural production of skin-strengthening ceramides. When ceramides become depleted, skin is left vulnerable to all sorts of problems, from persistent patches of dry, flaky skin to increasingly becoming extra-sensitive.
  • Peptides deliver more resilient, younger looking skin, smooth wrinkles, and diminish the signs of aging
  • For women and men
  • For all skin types
  • Vegan friendly

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